Torah Sources

The Amazing Importance of a Mes Mitzvah

How far does the Mitzvah of Mes Mitzvah go? Listen Here

Influencing others to Prevent Cremation

R’ Chaim Kanievsky was asked about the importance of stopping a cremation. Read More

Overview of Arguments Against Cremation

This synopsis by Rabbi Gil Student encapsulates the main points against the choice of cremation. Read More

Psak Halacha on Cremation

The Rabbinical Alliance of America issues a paper on the tragedy of cremation Read More

The Jewish View of Cremation

Short article outlining the Jewish opinion on Cremation vs. Burial Read More

Levayas Hames for a Cremation

Is there an obligation to accompany the ashes of one who was cremated? Or perhaps is there a requirement to abstain? Read More

Taharah Before Cremation

Can one perform a Tahara for a person who requested a cremation? Read More

Burying Cremated Remains

May one bury ashes from a cremation in a Jewish cemetery? Read More

Exertion to Prevent Cremation

How much money, time, and effort should one exert in order to prevent cremation? Read More

Reaching Out to Prevent Cremation

Dvar Torah and Anecdotes on end-of-life and after-life issues related to Parshas Vayechi and NASCK Read More

Meis Mitzvah in Our Times

What is a Meis Mitzvah today? Read More

Jewish Publications

A Burning Issue

The choice to cremate one’s body is an expression of denial of the holiness and value of our bodies. Read More

What's In Your Anti-Cremation Toolkit?

An experienced rabbi reflects on the need to be prepared with burial vs. cremation arguments. Read More

Can A Person With a Tattoo be Buried in a Jewish Cemetery?

This persistent myth has no basis in Jewish law. Whats the background? Read More

Coping with the Cremation of a Loved One

One woman’s fight to prevent a cremation, and how she coped with her loss. Read More

An Amazing Story of Preventing a Cremation

Mrs. Robin Meyerson’s story of how she stopped a cremation, and gained a son. Read More

Dust to Ashes - Mishpacha Magazine

The cremation trend is on the rise. What can we do? Read More

Dvar Torah on Stopping Cremation

5 Perspectives Regarding Cremation vs. Burial: Spiritual, Philosophical, Practical, Jewish Consciousness, Lessons for the Living Read More

Cremation vs. Burial

Some of the reasons some people choose cremation, and an explaination why throughout history Judaism and Jews have insisted on burial. Read More

Savitsky Talks: Rabbi Elchonon Zohn on Cremation

Read More

Savitsky Talks: Rabbi Doron Kornbluth on Cremation

Read More

South Florida Jewish Cemetery

A cutting edge way to prevent cremations. Read More

Secular Publications

And Nothing Remains

Article about the alarming rising percentage of Jewish cremation, and what is being done to combat this. Read More

Cremation or Burial? A Jewish View

Overview of the reasons people choose cremation, and counterarguments. Read More

The Cremation Challenge

Reasons why burial is good for the body and the soul. Read More

Letter - Reaching Out to Stop Cremation

Short letter to the editor about the need to reach out to prevent cremations Read More

Anti-Cremation Brochures

Downloadable color brochures about preventing cremations Read More

Ultimate Distortion of a Mitzvah

A tragic story about a cremation that could have been prevented. Read More

Cremation, Burial and Covid

Cremation of first Jewish victim of coronavirus in Argentina stirs controversy

The panic surrounding Covid, especially in the early days of the pandemic, led to a hasty decision and unfortunate decision in the South American country. Read More

World Health Organization: Safe Management of Dead Bodies with COVID-19

There is no evidence to support the idea that people who died of a communicable disease should be cremated to prevent spread of that disease. Read Paper

International Red Cross: Safe Management of Dead Bodies with COVID-19

Cremation of Covid-infected human remains should be avoided; burial in single graves is the preferred method of disposal Read Paper is a website dedicated to sharing information about the importance and beauty of burial and fighting the common misconception that cremation is a “better” choice. It has a wide range of articles, brochures, and videos examining these important issues.

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