• “Preparing people to make End-of-Life medical decisions K’Halachah and educating Klal Yisroel about K’vurah K’Halachah are very important causes. I encourage every Rav to join Rabbi Zohn and NASCK and wish them Hatzlachah with this Parshas Vayechi project.”

    Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst,
    Chicago, IL

  • “TEAM Shabbos is a very important initiative, and I encourage all rabbanim to join and create a national awareness about these topics.”

    Rabbi Moshe Heinemann,
    Baltimore, MD

  • “My dear friend, Rabbi Elchonon Zohn, is world-renowned for his expertise in Kavod Ha’Mes. Through NASCK he has created an awareness of the dignity and importance of Jewish burial as opposed to cremation. All who help NASCK share in this great Mitzvah known as Chessed-Shel-Emes. May Hashem bless you.”

    Rabbi Paysach Krohn,
    Noted Author & Lecturer

  • “In these days where humanity seems to have forgotten what it means to be human, TEAM Shabbos is an opportunity to proclaim that the Tzelem Elokim yet endures and demands that we honor the Kedusha which Hashem Yisborach created and implanted within each of us. Yasher Koach to the organizers for giving us this Zechus.

    Rabbi Yisroel Miller,
    Congregation House of Jacob – Mikveh Israel
    Calgary, Alberta

  • “The National Association of Chevra Kadisha – NASCK, under the leadership of Rabbi Elchonon Zohn, has been in the forefront of raising the level of Kavod Ha’Mes and fighting the growing trend of cremation across the US. I wish TEAM Shabbos Brachah and Hatzlachah and strongly encourage you to join this important cause.”

    Rabbi Noach Isaac Oelbaum,
    K’hal Nachlas Yitzchok & Noted Author

  • “Rabbi Zohn and NASCK have been at the forefront of end-of-life awareness and education for many years. I am impressed with the TEAM Shabbos, and I encourage all rabbanim to join the TEAM.”

    Rabbi Steven Pruzansky,
    Congregation Bnai Yeshurun
    Teaneck, New Jersey

  • “NASCK and Rabbi Zohn have been the most wonderful resource to our congregations and communities over the years. They are always available to give thoughtful and sage advice during trying times. They have provided standards, training and guidance and serve as a sounding board to Rabbis and lay leaders alike. We are profoundly grateful and indebted for the sincere and holy work they do on behalf of the Jewish people.”

    Rabbi Steven Weil,
    Senior Managing Director of the Orthodox Union, New York, NY

  • “Parshas Vayechi begins: “Yaakov lived,” even as the time came close for him to die. Burial instructions, and the burial itself, follow. TEAM Shabbos on Parshas Vayechi is dedicated to proper halachic end-of-life decisions, affirming life even if one is close to death, and to proper halachic burial. Please join Rav Elchonon Zohn, a dedicated and inspirational leader, by participating in TEAM Shabbos.”

    Rabbi Mordechai Willig,
    Riverdale, NY