A Transformational Program

TEAM Shabbos 5779

We invite you to join a program that gives shuls the opportunity — and the resources — to address a crucial topic that is too often ignored.

TEAM Shabbos, a program of NASCK, the National Association of Chevra Kadisha, has amassed resources on topics that touch every segment of the Jewish population.

Whether your shul is composed of young parents who need to protect their families by buying life insurance, members of the sandwich generation who are caring for their elderly parents, adults of any age who need to ensure that all medical decisions are made according to halachah, or nonobservant Jews considering cremation, r”l, we have the materials and mar’ei mekomos you need to lead them.

TEAM Shabbos takes place on Parshas Vayechi, December 22, 2018. Add your shul to the hundreds already taking part across the US: Join the TEAM by clicking here

In addition to our resources, you will gain access to the entire NASCK staff, who can guide you on programs proven to effect meaningful change on end-of-life topics.

Please feel free to contact us by clicking here for more information.

We look forward to having you on the TEAM!

Not a rabbi of a shul? Forward this to your rabbi, and encourage him to join!