Torah Sources

Awareness and Preparation: A 10 Minute Video about Halachic Living Wills

Video explaining the Halachic and practical benefits of the EMES card and Halachic Living Will Read More

Instruct Your Family. Make it Legally Binding

Dvar Torah and Anecdotes on end-of-life and after-life issues related to Parshas Vayechi and NASCK Read More

The Halachic Health Care Proxy - An Insurance Policy With Unique Benefits - by Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel

Document outlining the need for halachic health care proxy, the legal considerations underlying Agudath Israel’s document, and the specific components of its standardized form, concluding with how individual Jews can avail themselves of its protections Read More

The Right to Die - A Halachic Approach - by Rabbi Breitowitz

Background of the Torah’s perspective on the value of life, and te mistaken notion of autonomous personal autonomy Read More

Jewish Publications

Palliative Care and Halachic Decision Making

There are many variables when it comes to end-of-life care. Are you ready to make big decisions? Read More

Halachic Living Will Informational Brochure

Explains the EMES card, its need and how it complements the Halachic Living Will Read More

Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die - Ami Magazine

Citing legal and medical experience, the authors urge signing healthcare proxies to be best prepared for potential end-of-life challenges in a hospital setting Read More

7 Do's & Dont's - Chayim Aruchim

Outlines 7 helpful tips to be better prepared for end-of-life issues Read More

Life and Death Decisions - Hamodia

Promotes awareness of Pikuach Nefesh and Kvurah K’Halacha, including the EMES card Read More

Failing to Prepare - by Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

A call to action for people to prepare In Case of Emergency information, life insurance, disability insurance, Halachic Living Wills, wills, ethical wills, and burial arrangements, all readily accessible Read More

Secular Publications

Dear Abby: Widower Regrets Not Having Living Will Handy at Hospital

Having a living will is essential, but so is having it handy when you need it.
A story about why you also need an EMES card. Read More

Your Child Just Turned Eighteen, Now What?

Parents are shocked to discover that hospitals won’t speak to them when their 18-year-old child is under their care. What can parents do? Read More

The Documents You Need When You Need Them - NY Times

Encourages the use of the American Bar Associations’ App for medical directives, or any one of a number of alternatives that make the documents readily available Read More

Why Do We Avoid Advance Directives - NY Times

Dispels some common misconceptions about advance medical directives that prevent people from preparing them Read More

Where's That Advance Care Directive - NY Times

Encourages accessibility to Advance Care Directives for more efficient healthcare. Read More

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