Traditional Jewish Burial

Torah Sources

Burial - For us and for generations

A discussion on the impact burial has – not on the deceased, but on the living. Read More

Dignity for the Body, Peace for the Soul - An Introduction to Jewish Burial Customs

An introduction to Jewish burial customs, from the spiritual to the procedural, from the moment of death through the actual burial. Includes a form for burial wishes Read More

He Would Not Want to be Caught Dead in a Shroud

A compelling anectode underscoring the importance of Torah playing a key role in decisions surrounding death and burial, including burial vs cremation and immediate vs delayed burial Read More

Terrible or Tear-able? The Mitzvah of Kriah

A Rav explains the meaning and significance of Kriah, particluarly contrasting it to the common black ribbon that has unfortunately become an alternative Read More

Immortality and the Soul

A Torah-based philosophical approach to understanding immortality, synthesizing modern scientific concepts with Kbbalistic interpretations of Aggadic statements on the soul and human personality Read More

You are a Soul

Rabbi Goldberg on our immortality as motivation to bury rather than cremate, and his experiences participating in and educating others about the beauty and dignity invested into the Chevra Kadisha’s work Read More

The Jewish Approach to Death

Rav Elchonon Zohn Read More

A Dry Run with Death

12 practical steps to preparing for end of life guided by the Torah Read More

No Ice Cream at my Funeral

Poignant response to John Leland’s article, focusing on the profound opportunity that a proper Jewish funeral provides to reflect and motivate oneself Read More

Burial in Cement Vault, Masoleum

Teshuvos about burial in an in-ground cement vault, above-ground mausoleum Read More

The Concept of Shmira

Basic reasons and procedure of Shmira Read More

Respect for a Sacred Society

An article explaining some of the background and history of the Chevra Kadisha, and how the beauty and regard for this special work is beginning to be restored within our culture Read More

Questions of Disinterment

Some of the Halachic considerations, potential allowances, and practical guidance in situations of disinterment Read More

FAQ Burial Brochure and Linen Shrouds

The Gemara’s practical source for linen Tachrichim, and some of the deeper reasons given Read More

Tahara - In a Mikvah or With 9 Kabbim

Discussion comparing and contrasting the two minhagim of cleaning the niftar, pouring 9 kabim, or immersing in a mikvah. Read More

Ahavas Chesed - The Importance of K'Vurah

K’Vurah, and respect for the dead applies to even the most unlearned. Read More

The Gevurah needed for Kevuras Yisroel

An excerpt from a story printed in Mishpacha Magazine Read More

Why The Children Should Be The Ones to Arrange All Burial Preparations

From the Maavar Yabok Read More

The Value of Traditional Burial

A short piece from R’ Yisroel Becker Read More

Secular Sources

It's My Funeral and I'll Serve Ice Cream If I Want To

Some of the trends in contemporary funerals and ‘life celebrations’ Read More