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What’s it all about?

The Torah perspective on the value of life and its concerns about illness and death are not easy to talk about. We’re here to change that.


“TEAM Shabbos” is a national movement dedicated to generating awareness, educating and guiding the community on end-of-life matters. On Shabbos Parshas Vayechi, December 22, 2018, rabbis and congregations across the country will use the teachable moment that the parsha provides in their sermons, lectures and programs. By discussing relevant topics such as the Torah’s perspective on the value of life, preparing for illness, making Halachic and ethical end-of-life decisions and choosing traditional burial choices, we hope to open a dialogue within the community about things that truly matter.

Nachum Segal’s interview in 2017 with Rabbi Zohn about TEAM Shabbos – JM in the AM, 91.1 FM

Ways to Participate

Shabbos Drashos and Shiurim

Designate the Divrei Torah on this Shabbos to educate about end-of-life matters. Parshas Vayechi presents the perfect opportunity for an informative Shabbos day Drasha, Shiur, or Shalosh Seudos Dvar Torah.

Weekly Programming

Utilize the week leading up to TEAM Shabbos by addressing relevant topics in your daily or weekly Shiurim.

Request A Community Program

Collaborate with NASCK to coordinate a special event in your community to boost awareness. Learn More.

Shul Material

Incorporate relevant topics in Shul material, such as a weekly newsletter, email or Parshah sheet.

450 Shuls.
215 Communities.

Fueled by the pressing need to properly discuss end-of-life matters, many shuls around the country will participat in a beautiful Shabbos filled with informative Divrei Torah and Divrei Chizuk. Help us expand our reach and spread this powerful message.

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Join the TEAM

Utilize the teachable moment that Shabbos Parshas Vayechi offers. Together with hundreds of shuls and communities nationwide, create awareness in your community regarding the value of life and properly preparing for illness and end-of-life decisions.