Torah Sources

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Euthanasia by Dr. Abraham

A halachic discussion about euthanasia written by an Orthodox doctor.
Based on the teachings of R’ Shlomo Zalman Auerbach Read More.

Prolonging Life - Igros Moshe - YD 2, 174:3

Reb Moshe discusses prolonging the life of someone who is about to die, and is in pain Read More.

Prolonging Life - Igros Moshe - CM 2, 73

Reb Moshe discusses 1. Situations where a sick person should be allowed to die. 2. Who comes first, healing one who will certainly live a little longer, vs one who might live many years longer. 3. Not touching one who is about to die. 4. What is a Treifah and what is Goses 5. Forcing one to take medication 6. If a doctor may ask permission from next-of-kin to perform an autopsy 7. If one may remove ovaries and fallopian tubes if the womb must be removed. 8. May a doctor perform an abortion 9. May one prolong life a little by making one sterile. 10. Does a doctor need to tear kriah when one dies, if he already did earlier. Read More.

Goses On Shabbos - Tzitz Eliezer

Is it permitted to be mechalel Shabbos to prolong the life of a Goses Read More.

Prolonging Life - Mishneh Halachos

Discussion and explanation of R’ Moshe’s Tshuva about prolonging the life of a Goses Read More.

Palliation of Pain - Rabbi Bleich

Scholarly article discussing the Jewish perspective of Palliation of Pain, especially in regards to the terminally ill. Read More.

Nursing Home and Hospice Challenges - Rabbi Schostak

Article discussing the role and obligation of a Jewish owned nursing home in regards to end-of-life choices and care. Also discussed is role of patient, stages of terminal illness in Halacha, and surrogate decision making. Based on R’ Moshe Feinstein’s Psak Read More.

Torah vs. Secular Value of Life - Drash Moshe

A short piece explaining how Jewish ethics come from recognition of the value of human life. Read More.

Prolonging Life - when, and at what cost - Nishmat Avrohom

A Halachic review of prolonging the life of a Goses, one who is suffering, and euthanasia. Read More.

Burial in Israel - Teshuvos Divrei Yitziv

Analysis of the mitzvah of burial in E’Y, including one who visits and is Niftar there, one who tells his children not to bury there, and is there an obligation to travel to E’Y to be buried there. Read More.

The Right to Die - A Halachic Approach by Rabbi Breitowitz

A short article expounding on the Jewish position on ‘Right-to-Die’ Read More.

Hospice Care by Dr. Edward Burns Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society

A comprehensive article with Halachic background on end-of-life care, and information on common end-of-life treatments. Read More.

True Death With Dignity - by Rabbi Packouz

Personal musings on the Torah’s perspective of ‘Death with Dignity’ Read More.

Value of Life - Full Drasha from Rabbi Simcha Lefkowitz

A ready-made Shabbos drasha on the Sanctity of life Read More.

Yaakov Asking for Final Illness - Medrash Rabbah Toldos 65:9

Yaakov davened for illness before death. Why? Read More.

Yaakov Asking for Final Illness - Torah Temimah Perek 48 Pasuk 1 Gloss 1

Yaakov davened for illness before death. Lengthier explanation of Medrash Rabbah, and reasons for illness before death. Read More.

The Sanctity of Life - a Keynote Presentation by Rabbi Elchonon Zohn at the Institute for Jewish

A video expounding on the Torah’s view of life and death. Read More.

Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky: Prolonging a Life with Pain, Igros Moshe vs. Tzitz Eliezer

Discussion about R’ Moshe and Tzitz Eliezer’s Shitas. Read More.

Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) in Halacha

PAS is becoming more prevalent. What’s a Jewish doctor to do? Read More.

Jewish Publications

Life Itself

Western progress and the true meaning of being a human Read More.

Physician Assisted Suicide in New Jersey

New Jersey may soon legalize suicide – what does this mean to you? Read More.

Swimmer in Jerusalem

Thoughts on Assisted-Suicide and the critical lessons taught by a quadriplegic in Jerusalem Read More.

Suicide Watch

Advances in euthanasia laws – march of progress or descent into deep moral morass? Read More.

Homicide Prevention

The legal battles surrounding Physician-Assisted Suicide and the impact this has on us. Read More.

Checking Out and Checking In

Upgrading to Business Class on the way to Euthanasia Read More.

Death With Dignity -

A frum doctor’s perspective on the culture of ‘Death with Dignity’ Read More.

Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die - Ami

A lawyer and doctor discuss the alarming ethics of many doctors/hospitals, and the importance of having a halachic will. Read More.

A Variety of Jewish Medical Ethics Articles

A website devoted to articles of interest in the Jewish Medical Ethics field. Read More.

Take Him Home - There is Nothing We Can Do - Mishpacha Magazine

Disturbing article on the potential callousness some in the medical field treat the terminally ill Read More.

Chayim Aruchim Video - I Want to Live

Chayim Aruchim video – an overview of their work. Read More.

Secular Publications

The following articles are included in order to demonstrate the secular view of this issue.

How to Die - NYTimes

A frightening and candid opinion on the secular view of the hollowness of life Read More.

Young Doctors Would Choose DNR Orders for Themselves - NYTimes

A short essay on the overwhelming numbers of doctors who would prefer death to interventions Read More.

Why I Hope to Die at 75 -

A blunt longing for death by 75, by one of the architects of The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Read More.

A Quiet End to the Death Panels Debate - NYTimes

Read More.

Death with Dignity - Two Decades of Progress in the US

An item celebrating people’s ability to choose suicide. Read More.

When Medicine Is Futile - NYTimes

An article advocating for more doctor control over a patient’s end-of-life care. Read More.

Wikipedia guide to End-of-Life Medical Terminology

An encyclopedic guide to common medical and end-of-life terms. Read More.

How the Secular World Views the Value of Life

Would you let a child live if they had Down’s syndrome? Read More.